New Proposition for Change: An Insight Report on China's Automobile Consumption Trends

"Zigzag · Prosperity" can be regarded as the buzzwords of China's automobile market in 2019.

Big Data Tells How Is Buying Behavior of Young People Who Were Born after 1995

Now, young people who were born after 1995(short for ‘95s) have reached the age when they can buy and use a car.

Viewing the Market with AI | Data Interpretation on Bora' Product Competitiveness

With the fashionable and elegant styling, while maintaining the low-key style of Volkswagen, Bora has always been a star model.

What values can intelligent and connected vehicle data bring to the automotive industry?

riven by the new round of technological revolution, automobiles have gradually became an important carrier of new technologies in the mobile interconnection era in addition to smart phones as mobile

Sneak Peek of Auto Market │User's Auto-purchase Desire Continues to Heat up in June

The first half of this year saw a sustained fall in the auto market. The slowdown of economic growth, together with everlasting trade friction takes a toll on consumer confidence.

Quick review: what is the status quo of the luxury-brand compact vehicle market?

Whether abroad and at home, the compact vehicle market is a place of strategic importance that automakers must strive to penetrate.

Viewing the Market with AI | Data Interpretation on Audi A3's Product Competitiveness

Audi A3 is an entry-level model of the luxury brand Audi. It's family-style styling keeps grabbing a lot consumer attention. And its high comfort has also been praised by users.

New pattern of China’s urban competition according to automobile sales

With the disappearance of the demographic dividend and the liberalization of China’s residence registration system

Popular models coming into the market in May 2019

Popularity Ranking of New Vehicles on Market is a popularity ranking that Auto Home has launched on the basis of its AI Cloud data in 2019,

ATS-L becomes a new hit The most popular cars in May

The Auto Shanghai 2019 was closed in April, however, the car market did not returned to calm in May. Hot events are affecting the industry in current and future China, rapidly or slowly.