Popular new energy vehicles coming into the market in April 2019

By Autohome Aug 02, 2019


Popularity Ranking of New Vehicles on Market is a popularity ranking that Auto Home has launched on the basis of its AI Cloud data in 2019, which is focused on the performances of the new vehicles during the period of coming into the market (from 30 days before the vehicle is put onto the market to 10 days after it comes into the market). The total number of follows is its evaluation index. All the new and modified vehicles except year models are included.

Focus on blue ocean market and highlight selling points – Leading Ideal ONE

1. Differentiated product orientation and grasp on blue ocean market


In April 2019, two Chinese brands including NIO ES8 and Leading Ideal ONE were put onto the luxury pure electric vehicle market.

The competition framework data from Auto Home's AI Cloud also verifies that Leading Ideal ONE is a nearly luxury vehicle model according to the users. In the potential customer comparison of Leading Ideal ONE and other Top 10 models, NIO ES8, Teramont, etc. at similar prices as well as luxury models including BMW X5 and Model X were involved.

2. Precise orientation toward customer base and highlight on core selling points


According to the precise UVN user grouping model of AI Cloud, the consumer groups of Leading Ideal ONE are quality-pursuing mainstays in medium and large cities and luxury-pursuing families in small cities.


They focus on large/medium SUVs as well as low-end medium-size SUV and medium-size sedans because they live in cities of different levels and different consumption levels. However, they are high-income people demanding beautiful internal trimmings and external appearance in their places of residence.


According to the analysis based on the communication test matrix, Leading Ideal ONE has two selling points that the customers recognize most.

The first selling point is long range: as the first extended-range electric vehicle model at home, Leading Ideal ONE provides the biggest advantage of removing the mileage concern of the new energy vehicle owners.

The second selling point is the high-tech feeling about internal trimmings: the four screens that are furnished respectively for the instrument panel, central control, vehicle control, and co-driver amusement, appear amazingly beautiful with good human-machine interaction experience.

However, the safety concern of the users, esp. for extended-range electric vehicles with lithium battery and fuel tank is increasingly serious because several spontaneous combustion incidents took place recently. The users of Leading Ideal ONE also regard safety as the primary consideration when purchasing vehicles.

Summary: many new vehicle models were launched in April and the new energy vehicle market was more active. A data analysis of Leading Ideal ONE's product orientation and user preferences shows that "differentiated product orientation and grasp on blue ocean market" and "precise group targeting and highlight on core selling points" are effective means in product planning and marketing. (Source/Auto Home AI Cloud, by Feng Wei Bao Ruiying Fan Chunxia)

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